How to Connect Bluetooth Earbuds to PS5: The 2.4G Wireless Solution

How to Connect Bluetooth Earbuds to PS5: The 2.4G Wireless Solution

With the release of PlayStation 5 (PS5), many gamers are eager to enjoy its new gaming experiences. However, when it comes to audio accessories, the PS5 doesn't natively support Bluetooth headphones, presenting a "The PS5 doesn't support Bluetooth audio accessories" message if you try to connect in the usual way.

Does that mean you can't use wireless earbuds with your PS5? Not necessarily. Here's a workaround if your Bluetooth earbuds also support 2.4G wireless functionality.

Body: The 2.4G Wireless Solution:

The solution lies in the use of a 2.4G wireless dongle. The dongle serves as a medium between the PS5 and the earbuds, bypassing the PS5's Bluetooth limitations. Here's how to do it:

  1. Plug the 2.4G dongle (which comes with your earbuds) into the PS5.
  2. Ensure that your earbuds are in pairing mode.
  3. Wait for the light on the dongle to remain steady, indicating that pairing has been successful.

Now, you should be able to use your wireless earbuds with your PS5 without any issues!


Advantages of Using a 2.4G Dongle:

Not only does this method let you use wireless earbuds with your PS5, but it also comes with several benefits:

  1. Microphone Support: Unlike standard Bluetooth connections, a 2.4G wireless dongle supports microphone usage. This means you can engage in voice chats or multiplayer communication with your earbuds.

  2. Low Latency: One of the significant drawbacks of traditional Bluetooth connections is their latency. With a 2.4G wireless dongle, you can enjoy low latency audio, keeping you fully immersed and reactive in your gaming sessions.


While the PS5's lack of Bluetooth headphone support might be a disappointment for many, the 2.4G wireless dongle workaround provides a reliable and efficient solution. Now you can enjoy the freedom of wireless audio without compromising on microphone support or audio latency.


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