Middle Rabbit: An Innovative Journey to Revolutionize Your Listening Experience

Middle Rabbit was founded in 2021 by Howard Zheng, a seasoned audio engineer. After years of using and studying headphones, Howard realized that the market lacked innovation and failed to meet the specific needs of different users. This realization led him to create Middle Rabbit. Behind every pair of Middle Rabbit headphones is a story of Howard and his team’s relentless efforts and countless trials. From a small team to an international brand, every step reflects our commitment to innovation and quality. Howard often says, “We’re not just making headphones; we’re creating the best experience for every scenario where headphones are needed.”


At Middle Rabbit, we are a team of passionate audio experts dedicated to creating innovative earbuds that blend high-quality sound with comfort-focused design. Our team members come from renowned audio brands, and we share a common mission: "Innovation Meets Affordability." We firmly believe that the essence of user experience lies in meticulous design and top-notch build quality. Our headphones not only deliver exceptional audio performance but are also specially designed for long-term comfort, providing music enthusiasts with a revolutionary auditory experience at an affordable price.


As our brand has grown, we have continually integrated new elements and features. For example:

  • SW4 earbuds: Among the first to adopt both Bluetooth and dongle connectivity. When connected via dongle, latency is kept below 40ms, meeting the needs of professional gamers while solving the discomfort of long-term wear of over-ear earbuds, all while maintaining high-quality sound and stable connections.
  • S6 Headphones:An ultra-lightweight and clear semi-open design, weighing only 7 grams. They are as light as a feather and as airy as a breeze, ensuring professional sound quality and clear microphones. These headphonesare perfect for customer service and long meetings, addressing issues of overheating and balancing sound quality with noise during calls.

Every pair of our headphones is designed to address specific discomforts in various fields, always adhering to our philosophy of "Innovation and Affordability." We regularly release new models to solve existing issues in different areas, embedding our culture of innovation and affordability into every product. As earbud enthusiasts ourselves, we connect directly with fellow enthusiasts and users, resonating with our brand’s commitment to dreams.

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